What Makes a Good Man Great… Signs of a Good Guy

I receive multiple requests asking for a list of what guys do that turn women off, so I compiled one (Forget About It If He...).  However, in the spirit of giving thanks, I created a list of some of the things that make a good guy– great.  Women (myself included) say good men are hard to find (especially in Hollywood) but they are out there.  And because the bad guys far outnumber the good guys, the signs of a good man are easy to spot because he…

… practices random acts of kindness (for you and/or strangers)
can turn a boring task into something fun
hardly ever complains
is passionate about life, his work and you

supports you instead of trying to compete with you
the thought of humiliating you in front of your friends doesn’t even occur to him
would rather discuss a problem instead of argue about it
would much rather have you try and fail than not have tried at all

the more he knows you, the more he wants to know you
is monogamous
is honest
doesn’t hold grudges

is a good listener
brings home the bacon
is sweet
likes intimacy just as much as you do

enjoys a steak and martini just as much as you do
doesn’t smoke
knows how to make you feel great
doesn’t mind when you want time alone

takes care of you when you’re sick
brings you a present just because he feels like it
holds the door open for you
likes to fix things
likes to fix things and can figure out when he doesn’t need to

knows how to make you feel great
knows especially how to make you feel better when you’re down
is complementary
can take charge
is emotionally mature and available

likes to travel as much as you do
has an open mind
isn’t judgemental
can read a book

dislikes the idea of Sarah Palin as much as you do
the glass is always half full
loves his work
is passionate about life

can roll with the punches
can be there for you when you need him
is loving and affectionate
loves your pet

puts up with your family
returns your calls
has your back
can read between the lines

tolerates your obnoxious friends
is a real man, not emasculated by society standards
knows who he is and lives with no pretense
will always be there for you

understands the subtleties of human nature
respects you and others, no matter their position or background
knows why you’re unique
loves you– and likes you

believes in you
speaks highly of you to others
likes adventures
has a great sense of humor (a must!)

has good taste in movies, furniture and clothes (trifecta!)
is smart
loves life.

I expect to receive emails and comments from people saying this is a completely unrealistic list of thinking a man could own all these traits– I know!  This is not my dream list (although not a bad one).  This list is merely a compilation of some of the things I’ve noticed men do over the years, that made me smile.  Happy holidays.

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  2. jimmy says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  3. Jess says:

    My fiance is every one of these things. I’m more lucky than I even realize. I’ve never been to LA, and reading your commentary on the social scene I really don’t care to go. :)

    • datinginhollywood says:

      You are a very fortunate woman then! Hold on to him like a barnacle– is what one of my friends always says. L.A. can be a wonderful place, but high quality men are hard to find. Thanks for reading!

  4. Sky Minor says:

    Have you seen the OK cupid data extrapolation blog? Fascinating stuff taken from the real life profiles of however many millons of people are on that site. Some of your stated “signs” are overlapping with each other which made me think of the multicolored infographics that are on the OK cupid Blog.

  5. I’m not all of those things but I am most of them.

  6. Mrs "H" says:

    Married for 32 years and it still feels new. Treats me like a queen and I treat him as my king. We have no kids so it’s always been he and I against the world. Love being together .

  7. tk says:

    I know a guy like this! He has only on neg….he hasn’t been good with calling back….but we’re not committed….but may change soon

    • datinginhollywood says:

      I was recently seeing someone who was bad at calling and I knew he was not good boyfriend material. So I suggested we try being friends first and see what happens. He still sucked at calling and nothing changed. Men rarely change so I said “Adios!”

  8. Lydia says:

    Wow, this list comprises a GREAT guy! It made me a little sad as I realized this is NOT the guy at home…

  9. ann says:

    It took 30 years for us to get together, we met in high school but, he is all of that & more. I had given up thinking I’d find that 1 on my own but, God had a plan & a man!

    • datinginhollywood says:

      I loved your email and am so happy that you found your man– and how romantic that it took 30 years to circle around again! All the best to you and your man!

  10. Ashleigh says:

    There are men out there like this. I must admit I have one myself. Ive been through the bad tho. Ive been married to a raging alcoholic that literally took all of my money and lost our home. Then after that I thought I had found the one, only to find out he had major anger issues and tried to beat me one night. I went a while without even talking to men at all. But then one day, a good friend told me a MUST meet this guy at her work. I generally dont date younger than myself but he is about 2 years younger. I figured I could just try it out, and if it didnt work then we could go on our way. Well it worked! Turns out hes an eighth level blackbelt, has manners, opens doors, pays for EVERYTHING, answers his phone every time, texts randomly, brings flowers randomly to my work, will do anything I want to do as long as it makes me happy. He is complelty supportive of everything and most of all hes a God fearing man and loves my daughter like shes his own. Literally the man of my dreams that I honestly imagined in my head but never even thought twice about actually finding him. Oh and he is georgous and built like a tank haha. Cant beat this, and I will not be letting him go…EVER! :) Sometimes it just takes a lot of bad to find the one good. I know that I wouldnt be as thankful for all the small things if I hadnt been through the crap I went through before him!

    • datinginhollywood says:

      Thank you so much for writing me! I am so happy that you found such a wonderful man. And, you’re right, sometimes we don’t appreciate really good relationships without experiencing the ones that aren’t so great. Keep having a wonderful life and good luck to the both of you! :)

  11. inayah says:

    well u c all boyfriends r diffrnt myn jst wnts to hug me all the time 4 sum reason and hes always complimenting me even wen i luk a mess!!! in the morning he’ll hug me and caress my t*ts i luv him so mch nd hes soooooooooooo fit! ive nown him since nursery and always had a thing 4 him finally we got together nd nw gtting married!!!! he is evrything u culd wnt nd mre

  12. Reneemarie1169 says:

    There is a lot of Good men out there. It all has to do with the company you hang with, and the environment you surround yourself with. Don’ t lower yourself.

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